Wadi Al-Rafidain Hygienic Tissues Ltd

Established in 1975, Wadi Al-Rafidain Hygienic Tissues Ltd. (WR Tissues) has manufactured a wide range of well-known household tissue brands including ‘Soft’ and ‘Klenist’ in the Middle East region and worldwide.

WR Tissues has been committed to working within new technological standards, and to use environment friendly systems. Therefore, the management decided to depend on renewable energy to cover its
consumption of electricity, by installing Photovoltaic Systems with a total capacity of 726.56 kWp.

The plant consists of more than 1,900 Mono-PERC panels by Jinko Solar with a capacity of 380Wp and 14 inverters by Huawei. The panels were fixed to the rooftop of the factory using Aluminum mounting rails by S:Flex. The system is expected to reduce the electricity bill by 100% and to be part of the full energy saving plan making the factory a Zero-Net Energy building. It is expected to payback in less than 4 years
and to sustain for a minimum of 25 years as only high-quality products were used. The used panels were the special Thick wafer PERC edition (Cheetah Series), with extended warranties for the Chinese inverters. All the metal components were made of anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel in order to assure no corrosion effects will take place. DC to AC ratio didn’t exceed 8% to assure peak losses are reduced to the minimum while achieving inverters operation at full load.

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