SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) power plant, constructed near the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, is the world’s first large accelerator complex to be fully powered by renewable energy.

The power plant designed, engineered and constructed by Kawar Energy is made of grade A materials supplied through world class vendors. Mono-crystalline solar panels were used to provide electricity to the facility by an on-grid photovoltaic system with a total power capacity of 7 MW transmitted to the grid through the wheeling mechanism by JEPCO (Jordan Electric Power Company). The power plant was constructed on harsh terrain with a 15 degree land slope angle. Kawar Energy took on this challenge and succeeded in building a power plant in record speed given the size of the project, the slope of the land and its topographical features.

In common with all other accelerators, synchrotron light sources use large amounts of electrical power. Kawar Energy built a power plant that produces an average energy yield of 12 GWh per year which effectively covers all SESAME’s current electrical consumption. Thereby making SESAME economically as well as environmentally sustainable.

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