Al Bashir Hospital

Al Bashir Hospital is the largest public hospital in Jordan, established in 1954, and located in East Amman. It encompasses 49 Buildings with approximately 1000 beds and serves more than 7000 patients daily. The hospital burn diesel fuel or LPG for daily hot water needs, using steam boilers. In 2014, for example, the hospital burnt approximately 2 Million Liters of diesel at a cost of approximately JD1.5 Million.

In June 2018, MEI commissioned a solar thermal system consisting of a 1,133 m2 collector area that would save 10% of the annual heat required. Large and advanced solar collectors had been used and installed on the free roof area of the main building. This JD 500,000 investment will have an attractive and short payback period of about 4.4 years.

EuropeAid provided 80% of the investment and MEI the rest to demonstrate the huge potential of fuel savings that would be achieved in large scale thermal heating in Jordan and the region. MEI cooperated with the Austrian research institute AEE INTEC for design verification and on-site energy demand measurement. The design and energy demand were later analyzed and confirmed by Jordan’s National Energy Research Center (NERC). The solar system is smoothly running since it was commissioned in June 2018. Running unmanned and remotely monitored for optimization.

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