Al Badiya Storage Expansion (23MWp/12.6 MWh)

Al Badiya second phase expansion project is the First Utility Scale Storage project in MENA Region combined with energy storage system in the MENA region with a capacity of 23MWp/12.6 MWh.

This project includes an expansion of 11 MWp which consists of approximately 34,350 of Philadelphia Solar PV panels (320 Wp each), tracking system which is locally made by Philadelphia Solar, and a 12.6 MWh Lithium Ion energy storage system (Tesla Powerpack). The total size of the storage power plant combined with the first phase is 23 MWp, the new power plant’s purpose is to enhance the grid by power peak shaving and power shifting to increase the stability of the grid and support the grid at peak load hours, additionally it will also enhance the availability of energy during the daytime hours.

Tesla was selected to provide a 3mw/12.6mwh powerpack system to be paired with the 11mw second phase of the solar park in AlMafraq. The powerpack will perform multiple functions including renewable firming, ramp rate control, avoiding curtailment and proven network frequency support.

Al Badiya power generation station is a specialized power generation company, solely owned by Philadelphia Solar. The company was established on the 25th of November, 2013, with an area of 450,000 m2 and a startup capital of 22.5 million USD, and total current investment of 42 million USD.

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