Al Al Bayt University 3.31 MW PV Power Plant

Since 1986 ASTRACO has contributed to the strategic energy and power generation vision of Jordan and the neighboring MENA countries. In continuation to its well-known record in the conventional power generation projects execution, ASTRACO has an impressive presence in the renewable energy sector since 2014.

ASTRACO provides high consideration to its corporate social responsibility strategy which is implemented through ASTRACO’s keen commitment to developing local communities in any of its project areas with a strong belief of its valuable input to delivery of project’s goals and company objectives.

The project is executed in the University Campus, where ASTRACO has successfully managed to complete the project on a turnkey basis and within the scheduled duration maintaining excellent safety and environment standards. Continuous progress maintaining highest quality standards and healthiest safety records where among the challenges that ASTRACO overcame.e it excellently delivered on time and met the university schedule and objectives for the project.

ASTRACO adapts a sustainable strategy that assures its presences with a continued growth as a leading EPC contracting company in the power generation and renewable energy market.

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