Millennium Energy Industries (MEI)

Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) is an award winner and leading turnkey solar solutions provider operating internationally and in the MENA region.

Since 2002, MEI has been providing, on a turnkey basis, various solar heating, cooling, steam, and/or power (PV/CSP) solutions for industrial, commercial and residential clients.

MEI provides such solutions on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis; as well as on an Energy Services/BOOT/Lease basis.

In 2011, MEI successfully engineered and implemented the world’s largest solar heating system at the time; a 25 MW thermal solar district heating plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

MEI believes that solar energy solutions are economically reliable and practical for both retrofitting into existing structures or new constructions and has an excellent payback of approximately 2 to 5 years at current market energy rates.

MEI works to accomplish this by understanding the core market needs and creative designs and solutions through a combination of world class engineering, procurement, construction and project development.

MEI can provide solar energy as a “service” or “solution financing” directly or through its alliance members for select projects.

In essence, MEI takes on the investment burden and provides guarantees on energy output, in return for a guaranteed payment plan or schedule. Depending on the specific project and terms, this can be referred to as Lease to Own, Capital Lease, Operating Lease, Build Operate Own Transfer (BOOT), Energy Service, Deferred Payment Plan or Financed Solution.

MEI clients include Marriott and Movenpick Resorts, Nestle factory, Safeway, Schlumberger, Masdar City, the Government of Saudi Arabia, and various other universities, hospitals, resorts, hotels, residential communities, oil/gas and industrial facilities.

MEI has developed its own strict QC/QA procedures and adheres to international best practices in solar energy, contracting and HSE.

Selected Projects

- KSA: Thermal Projects including PNUW (Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University) 25 MWth.
- Cyprus: Thermal Projects including Hellenic Copper Mine ( total collector area 760 m2).
- Jordan: Thermal Projects including BASHIR Hospital 800KWt, Mafraq Hospital (total collector area 242 m2), Saraya Aqaba (total collector area 1,045 m2), Marriott Amman (total collector area 570 m2), Marriott Dead Sea (total collector area 750 m2), Movenpick Dead Sea (total collector area 374 m2), Intercontinental Aqaba (total collector area 540 m2), Royal Cultural Center (total collector area 396 m2), German Jordan University (total collector area 450 m2); PV Projects including Falcon Ma’an 23 MWp, Hotels in Amman 12 MWp, Safwa Bank 1 MWp, Princess Zain Palace 110 KWp.

Global Energy Award for Cyprus
Energy Global National Award.

Special Award at the 3rd Global District Energy Climate Awards in New York

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