Kingdom Electricity for Energy Investments

Kingdom Electricity Company (KEC) is one of the pre-eminent holding companies in Jordan investing in energy generation, distribution companies and utilities. Daman for Energy Investment Company (DEIC) and Privatization Holding Company of Kuwait (PHC) own 70% and 30% respectively of KEC.

KEC strives to elevate the distribution utilities’ efficiency, capabilities and innovation to positively improve this sector across the Kingdom through having major shares in two of the three electricity
generation companies in Jordan.

After a competitive tendering process in 2007, KEC acquired the government’s 100% shares in Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) which in turn owns 55.4% in Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO). These two utilities manage 35% of the country’s electricity distribution and cover 80% of its area in the North, East and South.

KEC has recently developed an interest in power generation companies, as part of its expansion and growth strategy. KEC invested in Al Zarqa Power Generation Plant with a new Combined Cycle Gas
Turbine (CCGT) being installed within the existing Hussein Thermal Power Station (HTPS) site.

KEC has a stake in the exceptional growth that Jordan is recording in renewable energy, as part of its responsibility to support disruptive technologies and to provide affordable, secure and clean energy to users. KEC has invested in four major Solar Photovoltaic projects in Mafraq and Maan Development Area, with a cumulative capacity of 50 MW. These projects are expected to serve 60,000 customers annually.

In parallel to growing its investment portfolio and cultivating opportunities for sustainable and consistent revenues, KEC deeply believes in the essential role corporates play in developing the societies and environments they function within. Thus, as part of its CSR, KEC generously contributes to local organizations and foundations aiming to help and support different sectors of the society.

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Affiliate Companies

• Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO).
• Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO).
• Jordan Solar One for Energy Generation: 20 megawatts Solar Photovoltaic.
• Zahrat Al Salam for Energy Generation: 10 megawatts Solar Photovoltaic.
• Al Ward Al Joury for Energy Generation: 10 megawatts Solar Photovoltaic.
• Al Zanbaq for Energy Generation: 10 megawatts Solar Photovoltaic.
• Al Zarqa Power Generation Plant: capacity of 485MW.
• Al Khutout Al Mutarabita Al Asriya For Communications.