Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC)

The Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC) is the first independent open-access storage provider in Jordan offering world-class storage, handling, transportation, aviation fueling and bunkering services for local and regional clients in the petroleum industry.

JOTC offers an integrated set of oil storage and logistics services across Jordan. Additionally, JOTC designs, builds, operates and maintains its storage terminals to meet and exceed regulatory and international standards.

JOTC’s establishment came as part of the Government of Jordan’s plan for restructuring and liberalizing the downstream petroleum sector. The plan followed the expiry of Jordan Petroleum Refinery’s (JPRC) concession agreement in 2008, which had granted JPRC exclusive rights to refine crude oil, trade and market petroleum products in Jordan.

Founded in 2017, JOTC is a private shareholding company, wholly owned by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. JOTC serves two goals in Jordan’s energy sector which are to guarantee the security of oil supply of Jordan, and to promote competition in the downstream petroleum market through providing its services to customers according to the open-access principles on ondiscriminatory

To ensure the services are provided on a fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory basis, JOTC abstains from purchasing, selling or trading petroleum products in the local market; hence, guaranteeing its status as an independent storage provider.

JOTC’s terminals possess world-class petroleum storage infrastructure, supported by wholesome and dedicated service. The terminals were commissioned, designed and built by an experienced team that has a proven track record in delivering high-quality results.

Through its terminals and operations, JOTC serves the Government of Jordan, along with several LPG companies and oil marketing companies (OMCs), bringing forth high HSSEQ standards, impeccable service and expert customer care for its clients

الشركة اللوجستية الأردنية للمرافق النفطية

• Aqaba Oil and LPG Terminal (106 thousand MT)
• Amman Strategic Terminal for Petroleum Products (360 thousand MT)
• Aqaba Heavy Fuel Oil Terminal (195 thousand MT)