Hiba Engineering

Hiba Engineering Establishment is a family-owned company founded by Engineers Jamal and George Gammoh in 1987.

The dynamism, pioneering approach to construction as well as Hiba Engineering’s commitment to service has always kept it at the forefront of the industry. The company is committed to the highest standards of management and technical skills.

Hiba Engineering also looks to fulfill its responsibilities to the communities and environments in which it operates, while working in a way that is safe and sustainable. The company’s strategy enables it to achieve its ambitions for continuing growth.

Hiba Engineering has an excellent record in enhancing its reputation by providing value-added engineering, construction and service skills to clients for whom infrastructure quality, efficiency and reliability are critical.
This reputation gives its clients, employees, partners, suppliers, investors and the many communities it serves the confidence to trust Hiba Engineering and to do business with it.

The strength of the base on which Hiba Engineering builds its strategy is equally important in determining how successful the company is.

The competitive advantage of Hiba Engineering is reflected in its continuous success, which is underpinned by the quality and expertise of its staff, its collaborative approach to business and its skill to provide clients with cost-effective solutions to construction challenges. The goal of Hiba Engineering is to aim to leverage its presence in new markets at the local, regional and the international level; to maintain and develop long-term relationships with key clients and earn a fair return on the value it delivers.

The vision of Hiba Engineering is to aspire to be a leading general construction organization in the international market by brining growth to the communities it operates in, delivering extraordinary results to its clients, and to be committed to its covenants.

Hiba Engineering’s mission is that the company is a prominent diversified construction company, pursuing satisfaction of its clients by delivering the highest standards of quality and professional services. The ambition of Hiba Engineering is to sustain reliable, trustworthy and long-term partnership with communities in which it operates, with clients and all stakeholders. The company tackles each challenge with safe, reliable and innovative solutions. Hiba Engineering covenants are its prime directives.

Hiba Engineering has identified five service areas which are investment, electrical, mechanical, civil, water and sewerages, renewable energy, roads and pavement. This will help the company maintain its momentum in the market for the long term with more competition as well. Hiba Engineering aims to provide its customers with a complete and integrated solution in addition to specific solutions.

Hiba Engineering is one of the grade one companies in Electro-Mechanical and Renewable Energy in Jordan. The company has a wide and excellent experience in the renewable energy field as a complement solution to HiBA’s portfolio where its engineers successfully completed the design and installation for many across the country.

Hiba Engineering team is certified in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency from different international associations. The team certifications include Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Renewable Energy Professional (REP), Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs), Carbon Reduction Manager (C.R.Ms), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), Project Management Professional (PMPs), Risk Management Professional (RMP-PMIs), Professional in Business analysis (PMIPBA) and Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP).

جمال وجورج قموه \ مؤسسة هبة الهندسية

• Al-Mohannad for plastic industries (System Capacity: 480 kWp).
• Abdali Mall (System Capacity: 150 kWp).
• Mazin Saed - Villa (System Capacity: 15 kWp).
• Hani Dabbas- Villa (System Capacity: 11.2 kWp).
• George Gammoh - Villa (System Capacity: 10 kWp).
• Fatma Al Daqqaq- villa (System Capacity: 9.3 kWp).
Under Construction and Permitting:
• Abu Al-Raghib Group (System Capacity: 85 kWp).
Under Development:
• Total of 7.2 MWp BOT system for 20 years.
• Total of 878 KWp EPC.


• 1st Grade Civil Construction.
• 1st Grade Electro-Mechanical and Renewable Energy.
• 2nd Grade water and Sewerage.
• 4th Grade Roads and Pavement.

Certifications of R.E. Dep.

Certifications of Renewable Energy:
• Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Atlanta, USA.
• Renewable Energy Professional (REP) - Atlanta, USA.
• Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) Atlanta, USA.
• Carbon Reduction Manager (C.R.Ms) Atlanta, USA.
• Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) Atlanta, USA.
• Project Management Professional (PMPs) - Pennsylvania, USA.
• Risk Management Professional (RMP-PMIs) - Pennsylvania, USA.
• Professional in Business analysis (PMI-PBA) - Pennsylvania, USA.
• Agile Certified Professional (PMIACP) - Pennsylvania, USA

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