EVAS Energy Group (EVAS)

EVAS Energy Group (EVAS) is a leading energy service company headquartered in Amman, Jordan, that offers a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions aimed at managing and reducing energy expenses for both public and private sectors in the MENA region. More than 100 years of accumulated experience, and extensive expertise, has uniquely positioned EVAS as the prime one-stop-shop for businesses seeking energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. EVAS caters to different markets and different sectors including governmental, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture and international donor’s agencies.

With regards to the solar PV Business; EVAS Energy Group is an EPC contractor classified as grade (A) by the energy and minerals regulatory commission, whereby its solutions include design, procurement, implementation, operation and testing and commissioning of medium and large scale solar farms and projects.

The highly qualified engineers at EVAS provide its customers with unique designs that maximize energy production at the minimum possible areas by using the latest available technologies in the renewable energy field. The installed and commissioned projects by EVAS are all from the medium and large-scale type that are installed on different mounting types such as Ground Mounted Installations, Car Parks Installations and Roof Top Installations.

Regarding Energy Efficiency Solutions, EVAS Energy Group is classified as a licensed energy auditing company by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Its energy efficiency solutions include Energy Auditing Services, Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects, Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects, Training and Capacity Building.

The solutions offered by EVAS aim to build complete service starting from the energy auditing, and then moving to the implementation to release the savings. The financing scheme helps customers to pay the implementation cost from the released energy savings.

EVAS trades in Renewable Energy and high quality LED lighting systems. Its trading department is supplying high efficiency PV panels and state of the art inverters to the renewable energy market and other EPCs in the field. This is along with the supply of high quality LED lamps to the local market in different scales. For certain projects, EVAS engineers develop a detailed lighting design with many options and furnish multiple solutions to enhance the aesthetic view of the project with unique quality and lighting levels.

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- EPC Contractor Grade (A) from the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission
- Energy Efficiency Service Provider from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

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