Bayt Alebdaa for Renewable Energy

Bayt Alebdaa for Renewable energy is a leading solar energy company with more than 3 years of experience in this field. Since its establishment. The company has helped more than 100 customers to switch full or partial electricity grids to solar energy – for heating, cooling, and other energy needs.

Bayt Alebdaa (The Renewable Energy House) registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under No. 400631. The company is engaged in the supply and installation of renewable energy systems for all categories and at the lowest prices; in addition to finding intelligent solutions to reduce energy consumption. The company also designs and manufactures renewable energy systems designed to serve all segments the society.

The team at Bayt Alebdaa completes continuing education courses to ensure it can provide solutions to the most difficult problems and issues.

Bayt Alebdaa works efficiently and effectively to ensure the best solution for you.


• Al Azraq Farms (60 KWp)
•Fagouri Hotel Apartments (35.75 KWp)
•Salah Al-Saifah Project (25 KWp)
•Moayed Al Assaf (18.85 KWp)
•Annan Al-Khatib (17.875 KWp)
•Raed al-Qaisi (13.86 KWp)
•Nables Association (11.88 KWp)
•Fuhais Evangelical Pentecostal (11.425 KWp)

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