Atlantis Solar Middle East & Africa

Atlantis Solar Middle East and Africa was founded in 2016 to support the green energy expansion and application worldwide.

The company’s aim is to provide the latest technology, with high quality products and best services.

Atlantis Solar has a patent in energy saving and an experienced team in providing high quality manufacturing, to deliver the best products which will save the planet from generating toxic emissions and harmful pollution. The company provides high quality, unique products and its own patents to go green, save energy and be environmentally friendly.

Atlantis Solar provides immediate assistance, because it’s here to help. You will find that the company is flexible to work with.

Your requirements will be met by an efficient, knowledgeable and highly qualified team. Your agreement with us and our responsibilities toward you will be clear and understandable.

Atlantis Solar products include Triple Thermal Air Condition, Atmospheric Water Generators, Thermal Water Heater, Deep Cycle AGM Batteries and Solar Panels.

The Triple Thermal Air Condition cover all types of AC, split, cassette standing, wall-mounted and duct units. Atlantis Solar supplies and installs, if required, through its distributors and retail selling points. The product range includes solar air conditioners with Triple Thermal Processing, free high pressure hot water, tank less high pressure evacuated waterless solar air conditioners, UV technology to kill off harmful viruses and germs causing illness.

The newest Atmospheric Water Generators from Atlantis Solar are designed for small applications starting at 20 Litters, up to 10,000 Litters per day. They guaranteed Pure Water Production of the lowest relative humidity, increasing water production to surpass its capacity rating by 20% or more. They also offer water production in high relative humidity environments. Atlantis H2O Atmospheric Water Generators will provide both superior water, collection of water, and reduced manufacture prices compared to earlier commercial models, along with 100% guaranteed sediment and bacterial elimination

Regarding Thermal Water Heaters by Atlantis Solar, the pellets inside the filter are active carbon pellets. These do not remove sodium from water, but their function is to clean the water, taking out the impurities. The heaters provide a desalination filtration system for all solar hot water heaters, or areas where corrosive sediments enter your home or business water. Atlantis Solar now helps provide a longer life for your water pipes and hot water heaters.

The Deep Cycle AGM Batteries from Atlantis Solar are sealed, maintenance free and provide operation safety valve installation that is explosion proof. The batteries have a low self-discharge characteristic, provide long service life and are designed with a service life of 10 years.

Atlantis Solar provides high efficiency solar cells, with special aluminum frame design, high transmission, low iron tempered glass and advanced cell encapsulation.

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