Al-Manhal Renewable Energy Company

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy Company (MRE) has been division of Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support (MDPS-1990) with over 27 years of experience. In 2014 MRE become an independent company.

MRE specializes in renewable energy systems, such as solar on-grid, solar off-grid, wind turbines and biogas systems.

MRE is fully equipped to meet all customer requirements and provides integrated services that will facilitate a qualitative leap into the field of energy. MRE is privileged to have an exceptional staff who are experts in their fields.

MRE is proud of being a leading Jordanian company that provides energy solutions specializing in the supply and installation of electrical protection systems (e.g. UPS and Generators), power-outage blocker devices and renewable energy systems.

The team at MRE is dedicated to achieving one goal which is the protection of data and equipment from critical energy problems for both organizations and for individuals. The task is to offer the best-quality solutions, services and products to all.

MRE’s market primarily consists of power protection consumers. It is made up of people who are not only looking for communication and network equipment protection but also crucial information about power supply interruption.

Recently, MRE has endeavored to provide renewable energy systems to customers who are looking for ecofriendly solutions.

MRE strives to resolve the most critical issues facing its clients. This means understanding customer needs in each type of business served, and providing effectivesolutions in a timely manner with reliable, high performance security products.

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy’s aim is to provide data and equipment protection to all customers in all sectors who are looking for more control over their businesses. This much-needed security is particularly aimed at company managers and other decision-makers.


Armed Forces, Governmental, Banks, Telecommunications, Hospitals, Private sectors.

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