Jordan Green Building Council (GBC)

The Jordan Green Building Council (Jordan GBC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and member-based association that draws on its world-class expertise and international networks to maximize opportunities for the green building sector in Jordan. Jordan GBC was established in 2009, as one of 9 MENA region Green Buildings Councils and among 73 Green Building Councils around the world. As a green sector leader and reference NGO, Jordan GBC is occupying the MENA GBCs vice chair, taking onto its shoulders the responsibilities of promoting awareness and advocating for the adoption of Green Building Practices and the Green Built Environment actions.

Jordan GBC is at the forefront of expertise and educational developments in the sector, especially in regards to providing access to world-class expertise, internationally certified training programs, as well as regional and international networks, helping with the success of companies, organizations and individuals. Such success leads back to the powerful contribution from Jordan GBC’s active members and partners in supporting the community of individuals and companies from all segments of the green building sector.

Jordan GBC operates upon four pillars:
• Green Academy (courses, awareness).
• Marketing and Outreach (events, initiatives, media).
• Memberships (green podiums).
• Innovation & Research (projects, publication).

Through these pillars, the council managed to conduct and achieve a number of projects from various levels and to establish partnerships on international and local levels; achieving environmental, economic and social goals while applying an important role towards the development of society and business communities and towards environmental preservation.
Jordan GBC believes that Jordan can reap enormous benefits in improving the quality of life, environmental preservation, energy efficiency and increased prosperity for all segments of society.