Energy Conservation and Sustainable Environment

E-case Society was established in 2004 in Amman, Jordan, and is run by a board of seven experts in various disciplines. The E-case Society mission is to:

1. Save energy, increase energy efficiency and reduce fumes by encouraging the use of thermal insulation in buildings and developing renewable and sustainable habits. Acknowledging that the Jordanian practices have no mechanisms to enforce the application of thermal insulation, although the building codes of practice specify excellent minimal U-values for roofs and external walls in buildings. The society also seeks the means to enforce the application of passive design in buildings of different functions.

2. Control vehicle numbers, encouraging hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles in addition to controlling sound and visual pollution and promoting efficient transportation management and clean public transport that serves the whole nation.

3. Seek different means of renewable clean energy technologies to reduce consumption of electrical bills in households and public buildings through introducing solar energy, more efficient appliances, energy efficiency, changes in people’s behavior, promoting geothermal heat, passive design, green materials and practices… etc.

4. Educate the public on the importance of environmentally friendly technologies and their necessity for a safer future of Mother Earth.

For more information, E-case Society can be contacted at [email protected] or visit the E-case website at